Established in 2011, Operation Smile UAE has funded over 16 missions in a number of developing countries, providing more than 3,500 children with life changing surgeries.

Operation Smile UAE also provides free reconstructive surgeries for children and young adults born with cleft lip and cleft palate during their medical missions held in the UAE.

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Deron’s Story

Every moment has been a surprise for Rachelle since the birth of her first born son: Deron.

Deron, a beautiful and energetic 2 year old, began an unexpected journey in Rachelle’s life. Looking forward to a normal pregnancy, Rachelle never saw the challenges coming her way. All her prenatal scans had shown up normal, with almost no indication of a cleft or an extra chromosome.

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Khadija’s Story

After months of prayers, two nights in labour, and 35 minutes before her mother’s birthday ended, baby Khadija arrived. This baby was indeed special.

As Aishabi held her precious baby, many questions swam in her head: Would the baby be fine? How will we feed her? Will the gap in the roof of her mouth heal on its own?

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Explaining cleft conditions: Multi-disciplinary team approach