Charity Book Sale – Sept 2024

Join us in Al Wahda Mall for our Charity Book Sale !

Thursday, September 12 – Saturday, September 14

Open from 10 AM to 11 PM each day.

Find us in the main atrium.

We’ll have 1000’s of pre-loved books for sale.

English, Arabic and other languages

Payment by cash or card

All Proceeds will go towards providing free and safe surgery to those born with cleft conditions, both here in the UAE and worldwide.

For more information email [email protected]


200 patients in Madgascar and Honduras provided with new smiles

Patient and guardian in Madagascar (Photo credit: Operation Smile)

This spring, Operation Smile UAE, with support from Mubadala, funded international surgical programs in Madagascar and Honduras, providing free corrective surgery to 200 patients for their cleft conditions. 

In April, five Operation Smile UAE medical volunteers including, Philipp an anaesthesiologist, Jihad, Ella, Amal and Francesca, all nurses, along with OSUAE Executive Director, Morag, traveled to Antsirabe, Madagascar.

The team from the Emirates also included non-medical volunteers from Mubadala who helped with the registration process.

The 10 day program, organized by Operation Smile in Madagascar, included surgeries and comprehensive care sessions. Patients’ families received education on healthy eating and how to safely bathe their babies. 

Medical volunteers from 11 countries, were able to screen 200 patients and provided 117 patients with free and safe surgery for their cleft condition. 

A patient in Madagascar with their OSUAE teddy bear.(Photo credit: Operation Smile)

OSUAE provided an adorable, branded teddy bear for each patient who received surgery. The bears, donated by an OSUAE supporter, were given to patients to help comfort them on their journey to their new smile.

In May, Mubadala also supported a surgical program in Honduras. 

Executive Director, Morag, accompanied non-medical volunteers from Mubadala who traveled to help during the surgical program in San Pedro Sula.

Patients wait to be screened at the surgical program in Honduras. (Photo credit: Operation Smile)

During the week long program, 127 patients were screened for their cleft conditions and 80 received surgery. 

All 80 patients also received one of our adorable OSUAE teddy bears. 

Operation Smile Honduras, in addition to providing surgery and comprehensive care to patients born with cleft conditions, also provided dental care for residents of two local orphanages. 

An orphanage visited by the UAE team in Honduras. (Photo credit: Operation Smile)

While in San Pedro Sula, Morag and the volunteer team from Mubadala, took time to visit the orphanages, and donated much needed items including school supplies and food to the children.

Thank you to Mubadala, our OSUAE medical volunteers, and members of the UAE community, for providing the funds and support for these programs. 

Because of your generosity Operation Smile were able to provide care to hundreds of patients with cleft conditions.

Operation Smile UAE recently completed its 14th surgical program in the UAE at Healthpoint

ABU DHABI, 8th March, 2024 (WAM) — Operation Smile UAE recently completed its 14th surgical program in the UAE at Healthpoint, an M42 company, in Abu Dhabi, where 19 children of different nationalities received free and safe surgery for their cleft lip or cleft palate, marking a major milestone in their lives and giving them a new smile.

Healthpoint has been a partner with Operation Smile since 2020 and this is the sixth mission performed at its facilities, which has seen the transformation of more than 73 patients of different age groups.

The two-day surgical event saw the collaboration of over 45 medical professionals, including nurses, pediatricians, surgeons, and anesthetists, come to the multi-specialty hospital and volunteer their expertise. Their commitment was complemented by the invaluable support from volunteers at Healthpoint, ensuring a well-rounded and effective medical team.

Omar Al Naqbi, Chief Executive Officer of Healthpoint, said, “Working alongside Operation Smile UAE has been a privilege and we take great pride in contributing to our communities and offering these simple but life-altering surgeries.

These procedures enable patients to lead healthier, happier lives. Our volunteers are dedicated to providing exceptional care, reflective of our commitment to world-class medical care.”

Morag Cromey-Hawke, Executive Director, Operation Smile UAE, commented, “Thanks to Operation Smile medical volunteers, Healthpoint volunteers, staff and management as well as the enormous support of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, Operation Smile UAE were able to continue their work at the weekend to treat young patients who would otherwise not have access to safe surgery.

These surgeries allow the patients to eat, drink, speak and socialise and to lead healthier, happier lives. We are honoured to have access to the excellent facilities at Healthpoint for our patients and to the generosity and care extended to them.”

The Operation Smile UAE was founded in 2011 under the patronage of H.H. Sheikha Alyazia bint Saif bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, wife of H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the charity has assisted and screened over 300 patients with cleft conditions here in the UAE.

Thanks to the Foundation’s support,167 of these patients have received surgery followed by comprehensive care including dental, nutrition, oral health and speech therapy.


Join Operation Smile UAE for 2024’s Cycle for Smiles event at the Hudayriat Island cycling track.
There’ll be races for the avid cyclists and a family ride for everyone!
Help raise funds for Operation Smile UAE and the work we do, providing free and safe surgeries to those born with cleft conditions.
OSUAE partners with Gulf Multi Sport to organize this event.
If you would like to be notified when registration opens please email [email protected] 

Charity Book Sale – April 19-21, 2024

Spring Charity Book Sale – April 19 – 21, 2024

Join Operation Smile UAE in the Al Wahda Mall Main Atrium on Friday, April 19 to Sunday, April 20 for our Spring Charity Book Sale.

Proceeds will help provide free and safe surgery to children and young adults born with cleft conditions.

We will have 1000s of pre-loved books for sale, in both English and Arabic.

We will be open each day from 10 AM to 11 PM

We will accept cash or card for payment.

Healthpoint’s Dental Interns reflect on their experience volunteering with Operation Smile UAE

Dental interns from Healthpoint with Dr. Ilhaam (centre) during patient screening in November 2023.

As Healthpoint dental volunteers with Operation Smile, our journey has been a fulfilling odyssey of compassion and care.

Through screening, diagnosis, and the meticulous delivery of presurgical and postsurgical instructions of new- borns to adults, we’ve played a pivotal role in ensuring comprehensive dental care for patients with cleft lip and palate.

Witnessing the resilience of these individuals, we were pleasantly surprised by the positivity that permeated every interaction. Not only did we have the privilege of imparting crucial patient education, but we also found immense satisfaction in enlightening parents about the importance of oral health.

The experience has not only deepened our professional expertise but has also reaffirmed our commitment to Operation Smile’s noble mission of transforming lives through surgical and therapeutic interventions.

We thank Operation Smile for the chance to lend a helping hand.

‘An indescribable imprint on my heart’

Ghaith, a volunteer cleft surgeon with OSUAE,

describes his experience at the June mission in Ghana

OSUAE volunteer cleft surgeon, Ghaith (centre) with patients during the surgical mission in Ghana (Credit: Operation Smile UAE)

In June, I embarked on a life-changing mission with Operation Smile to Koforidua, Ghana. This journey took me to a place where hope and transformation thrived, where lives were forever altered. Among the many incredible stories I encountered, there was one that touched my heart deeply, leaving an indelible mark on my soul. It is the story of a 25-year-old woman who had lived her entire life with a complete cleft lip, yet managed to find love, start a family, and finally, receive the gift of a transformed life.

The Arrival in Koforidua:

As our team arrived to Koforidua, the air was filled with anticipation and excitement. We were greeted warmly by the local community, who had longed for the arrival of Operation Smile’s medical volunteers. The mission aimed to provide life-changing surgeries to individuals born with cleft lips and palates, granting them the chance to smile with confidence and live without the burden of their condition.

The 25 year old patient Dr. Ghaith operated on.

Meeting the 25-Year-Old Woman:

Among the patients we encountered, one woman’s story stood out from the rest. She was a 25-year-old lady, who had lived her entire life with a complete cleft lip. Despite the challenges she faced, she had managed to build a life filled with love, hope, and resilience. She had gotten married and recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

The Transformation:

As a member of the surgical team, I had the privilege of operating on her to repair her cleft lip. The surgery was a success, and the following day, as I walked into the ward, I was greeted by a sight that brought tears of joy to my eyes. There, holding her baby girl, was she, looking like a completely different person.

The Joyful Encounter:

For a moment, I was taken aback, as I mistook the baby for the patient. It was only when I remembered that I had operated on the mother that the realization of her transformation hit me. Her radiant smile and the newfound confidence in her eyes were tangible evidence of the profound impact that the surgery had made on her life.

A Life Transformed:

Witnessing her caring for her little girl was a testament to the life-altering change that Operation Smile had brought to her. No longer burdened by her cleft lip, she now had the opportunity to embrace motherhood with renewed self-assurance and optimism. Her transformation reached far beyond physical appearance, extending into every aspect of her life.


My experience with Operation Smile in Koforidua, Ghana, left an indescribable imprint on my heart. Through witnessing that lady’s transformation, I realized the immense power of a simple surgery to bring hope, joy, and a brighter future to individuals who had endured a lifetime of challenges. As I continue on my journey as a medical professional, I carry the memories of that lady and countless others like her, inspiring me to make a difference in the lives of those in need. Operation Smile’s mission in Ghana exemplified the true essence of compassion, unity, and the transformative power of a smile.

The Links Charity Golf Day

The Links Charity Golf Day will be hosted at Yas Links Abu Dhabi on 14th of October 2023 (12:30 shotgun) in partnership with Marriott International, supported by Golf Club Captains Leonie Sullivan and Francois Bosch. Our chosen charity is Operation Smile UAE.


  • 12.30PM Shotgun
  • Team Shambles
  • Best 2 from 4 to Count
  • 85% Handicap Allowance
  • Players without a handicapwill play off 0


Single & Dual Member Midweek/SBGC Member/DG Member Marriott Guest/Visitor
Dinner onlyEntry Includes: Entry Free, On Course Competitions, Prizes, On-Course Beverages, Post Round Food & Beverage.
AED I00 of each entry will go towards the charity.

AED 250 AED 595 AED 795 AED 250

Hole Sponsorships available from AED 10,000.Silent Auction & Lucky Prize Draw on the day.

After a successful 2022 event which raised over AED 80,000, join us as we look to raise AED 100,000 for Operation Smile in our Annual Charity Golf Day!

Secure your space by emailing [email protected]

Autumn Charity Book Sale October 26-28

Autumn Charity Book Sale !

Operation Smile UAE will host a charity book sale in Al Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi from Thursday, October 26 to Saturday, October 28, 2023

Open from 10 AM – 11PM  in the Main Atrium, Ground Floor (Hazza’ Bin Zayed Street entrance)

We will have over 10,000 pre-loved books available.

Children’s, Young Adult, Fiction, Non-fiction, Arabic, French and much more!

All proceeds from the sale will go towards providing free and safe surgery to children born with cleft conditions.


2023 Cycle for Smiles, November 12 – Hudayriyat Island

Join us at Hudayriyat Cycling Track on Sunday November 12th for a great fund raising event for the whole family.

Need to rent a bike? Contact Wolfi’s Click Here

Register via My Race Result  Click Here 

All proceeds will help provide free surgery to children with cleft conditions.

40KM Cycling for Smiles Challenge    6:45 AM start     105 AED (per person)

20KM Cycling Challenge                     8:00 AM start       75 AED (per person)

10KM Junior Cycling Challenge          8:00 AM start       55 AED (per person)

10KM Family Cycle (non competitive) 8:30 AM start       40 AED (per person)

3KM Family Cycle (non competitive) 8:30 AM start       40 AED (per person)